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Over 10 Years on Paul Mckenna's Hand-Picked Training Team

IF YOU’RE AFRAID OF HEIGHTS and you’re reading this then chances are you already know you’re missing out on many of life’s most enjoyable things – things that other people take for granted – especially if you live or work in a city like London. Buildings, bridges, theatres and department stores can all seem terrifying.


Immediate Treatment

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The world is getting taller and avoiding heights is becoming less of an option. And it’s an option that comes with a big cost – it can severely affect your career prospects and social life.

Escaping the city doesn’t offer much respite, either. Well, not for anyone who enjoys a nice view, or walking or cycling or skiing.

If left untreated the problem can even get worse, but thankfully, most people seek treatment before this happens. The good news is that success in overcoming fear of heights is inevitable for most people in the safe hands of an experienced phobia therapist.*

Welcome to the PHOBIAMAN Clinic


I’m Alex, veteran member of Paul Mckenna’s Training Team and Treatment Director here at The PHOBIAMAN Clinic. I am a clinical specialist in the treatment of fear of heights and over the last 13 years I have put together a team of some of the best phobia specialists anywhere.

Together, we have developed a unique programme of treatment for people with fear of heights. It’s unique because it’s been designed to remove your fear without you having to face it.*

We are professional, full time therapists and we may be able to help you overcome your fear of heights in just a few sessions if you’ll only allow us to. That may sound like a wild claim right now, but when you stop to consider that we have already helped over 9000 others*, hopefully it begins to sound a bit more real.

Real Results

Others measure their success by how many patients muster the courage to face their fear at the end of the treatment. But thousands of people face their fear of heights daily because they have to, so this doesn’t mean the phobia has gone.

family-sunsetWe only consider ourselves successful when your fear has gone completely and you are able to do what someone without the phobia would normally be able to do without experiencing a fear reaction.*

And even with these higher benchmarks, our success rates are better* than other clinics and therapists because we have a unique phobia treatment programme delivered by some of the best therapists anywhere. Oh, and we specialise in phobias – that’s important too.

Why you Need a Specialist

Phobias, as every radio phone-in listener knows, vary wildly. So if you have a phobia it’s important to work with a specialist because they are more likely to have the necessary experience of working with phobias that are similar to yours.

It’s important to check for yourself if a clinic or therapist genuinely specialises in phobia treatment. Have a look through their website menu and make sure they don’t offer treatments for anything else.

If you find offers for stopping smoking or weight loss or coaching or anything other than phobias then they DON’T specialise in phobia treatment.

It’s NOT About Logic

People who have never had a fear of heights tell you to stop worrying and pull yourself together. “Look, it’s perfectly safe, see?”

At the PHOBIAMAN Clinic, we know that this sort of logic won’t conquer the anxiety and stress of being frightened of heights.

A fear of heights, like all phobias, never responds to logic or reason. In fact the more you try and reason it away the worse it can get. This is because phobias are purposeful and not logical.

And the fact that people can develop a fear of heights when anxious or stressed is proof it has nothing to do with logic. It is also proof that there is nothing wrong with you if you do have a fear of heights.

Here are just some of the reasons why people come to The PHOBIAMAN Clinic to overcome fear of heights:

What We Never Do…

1. NO “Facing Your Fear to Beat the Fear”

People with phobias often assume that they will have to face their fear as part of their treatment in order to overcome it. This is partly because the early psychological treatments advocated this, and unfortunately some of them still do.

This is the old psychological model of how to overcome fear – “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. It’s called exposure therapy, or systematic desensitization, and it isn’t very nice.

Thankfully, it is completely unnecessary now. There is no facing your fear to beat the fear with our treatment. We invest the time needed with you and we only use the very best psychological techniques to remove your fear without you having to face it.*

What Makes Us Different?

2. You’re in Control

Our whole programme is designed to collapse your fear at a neurological level and ONLY THEN do you get to test the new you, when you say you’re ready. You are in control throughout.

3. We Are the First Choice of Professionals

man-in-officeWhen livelihoods and careers depend upon results, professionals come to us. From Executives being relocated to high-rise office buildings, to Painters and Maintenance Professionals looking to up their game. We’ve helped all sorts of people get over the fear of heights that had previously been holding them back.

They turn to The PHOBIAMAN Clinic because they know we are as thorough about looking after our clients and collapsing phobias as they are about their careers. We take it extremely seriously.*

4. We Know More About How to Treat Fear of Heights Than Anyone Else

People with fear of heights can feel almost drawn to the edge and feel that  they might do something silly when they are near a drop or a height. This is different from the way that other phobias work.

With other phobias people feel very strongly that they want to move away from the thing they are frightened of. This is why fear of heights doesn’t always respond to the standard phobia treatment models used by general therapists and clinics.

Luckily, we have developed bespoke models of treatment especially for people with fear of heights.

5. Our Methods Work Where Others Fail

“I’ve tried everything and you’re my last hope!” – We used to hear that a lot.

We don’t hear it so much now, thankfully, because people come straight to us. But if you have tried other therapists or clinics, don’t worry. You deserve a fear-free life and we’re confident we can help.*

Just call our friendly team on 0207 193 5194 and they will answer your questions and explain what may be possible for you. If you are calling from outside the UK the international number is +44 207 193 5194.