Fear of Heights Hypnotherapy – Stop The Fear and Feeling Exposed

fear of heights hypnotherapy - london skylineIF YOU HAVE A FEAR OF HEIGHTS you probably already know that facing the fear is NOT a very effective form of treatment.


Over 10 Years on Paul Mckenna's Hand-Picked Training Team

That may work for people who are just nervous, but it won’t work for someone who experiences intense feelings of fear or panic attacks just by thinking about being too high or exposed. What they need is a phobia specialist.


Immediate Treatment

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Welcome to the PHOBIAMAN Clinic – Harley Street’s Leading Fear of Heights Hypnotherapy Clinic

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I’m Alex, veteran member of Paul Mckenna’s Training Team and Treatment Director here at The PHOBIAMAN Clinic. Over the last 20 years I have put together a team of some of the best phobia therapists anywhere.

Together, we have developed a unique programme of  fear of heights hypnotherapy. It’s unique because it’s been designed to help you overcome acrophobia – the name for anxiety or fear of heights – without you having to face it.

We are professional, full time phobia therapists and with our specialist fear of heights therapy we may be able to help you in just a few sessions. That may sound like a wild claim but when you stop to consider that our treatment has already helped over 9000 others*, hopefully it begins to sound a bit more real.

Specialists in Fear of Heights Hypnotherapy

Here at The PHOBIAMAN Clinic we specialise in treating fears and phobias with hypnosis, so we get to work with more of them than if we tried to treat everything. So being specialists means we understand them better because we have more experience in treating them.

This focus has allowed us to notice patterns and to develop our own methods – methods you will find nowhere else – based on what we have found to work* for the thousands of other people we have treated just like you.

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For example, we know fear of heights is NOT ‘learned’ like other phobias, despite being one of the most common. This means it won’t usually respond to the out-of-the-box phobia treatments and ‘techniques’ that other clinics and therapists rely upon. They don’t understand that you can’t use the same process they use for, say, hypnotherapy for public speaking to treat a fear of heights.

This is because fear of heights has a different structure to other phobias. If you are afraid of heights you are NOT suffering from a mental health issue. There is nothing wrong with you. You are probably a self-starter – people who have a phobia of heights usually are. In fact, this higher-than-usual motivation leads directly to the fear you feel when you are near a height or a drop, or when you feel too exposed.

Most therapists don’t understand this and they waste time trying to ‘fix’ something that isn’t broken.  This approach obviously won’t work.

However, once you understand what is driving the panic and anxiety response, it’s much easier to help someone change it.

This is one of the reasons why the results and success rates of our fear of heights hypnotherapy programme are better than those of other clinics and therapists. And our training and experience help too.

World Class NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy for Fear of Heights

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Not only are we phobia specialists, we are also world-class experts in Eriksonian Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). We don’t say this lightly, either.

As veteran members of Paul Mckenna’s training team, we help Paul and Dr Richard Bandler – the man who thought it all up – to deliver the largest NLP trainings in the world. There is no team with more experience anywhere, and all this means we deliver the most powerful and thorough phobia treatment programme available today.

So even if you have tried other therapists or clinics, don’t worry – we still may be able help. But our treatment is no miracle cure, it requires a commitment to the programme over just a few sessions, and a willingness to follow instructions.

If that sounds like the sort of thing you can commit to, and you would like to find out if our treatment is going to be right for you, the first step is to call The PHOBIAMAN Clinic and speak with one of our friendly therapists. Just call 0207 193 5194 and speak with a specialist today.