Is Phobia Treatment for Me?

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Over 10 Years on Paul Mckenna's Hand-Picked Training Team

HERE AT THE PHOBIAMAN CLINIC, we realise that phobia treatment is not for everyone.


Immediate Treatment

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And with 6 million people with phobias in the UK alone, we’re quite glad about that. As the UK’s biggest specialist network of phobia therapists, even we wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand.

Lots of people live their lives quite happily with a phobia without ever getting phobia treatment. But if your phobia is stopping you from doing something you would like to do, or if you believe that your life would be better without it, then you should probably consider getting phobia treatment.

We built this website because we think that if you are considering phobia treatment it’s important to understand the different options available.

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We also think that everyone would enjoy their lives more without fear, and with less fear the world would be a nicer place.

Idealistic? Maybe. However, having helped over 14 000 people* we also realise that if you have a phobia there is almost nothing that can make such a positive difference in your life as losing the fear.

So we care passionately about helping everyone with a phobia who visits this site in every way we can. After all, we have 8000 reasons to believe that almost anyone can have a fear-free life if they want one.*

Overcoming Fear is Now a lot Easier… With The Right Phobia Treatment

Recovering from a phobia is now a lot easier than most people believe.* And your recovery will probably make a huge difference to the people around you, as well as in your own life.

We have found that people usually seek treatment for phobias for one of two reasons. The first reason is the fear is getting worse. And the second and more common reason is something’s coming up that means they can no longer avoid the thing they fear.

Maybe they’re in line for a promotion into a job that will involve flying or speaking to groups. Maybe their new job is on the 17th floor and they’ll have to take the lift. Maybe they want to visit friends and loved ones, or attend a wedding overseas. Maybe they’ve been asked to be the Best Man and they’ll have to make a speech.

For most people these events are wonderful news – they are things that bring joy and excitement to life; they are moments to celebrate and memories to be proud of. But to a person with a phobia of anything even remotely connected with them, they are the stuff of nightmares.

Life sometimes throws things like this at you with little or no warning, and we believe that life sometimes does this for a reason. And when it does we are here to help.

In fact, we have over 20 years experience of helping people easily overcome all kinds of phobias – from the more common ones like fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of public speaking and spiders to the more unusual like telephones, balloons and buttons.*

Obviously, we can’t say what may be possible for you before we know more about your circumstances. But we can say our programme has proved itself time and time again, regardless of how long a phobia has been there, because it has been developed from the best psychological techniques combined with decades of experience*.

It’s designed to treat phobias thoroughly and without the need to face the fear as part of the treatment. Patients find that as well as tackling the deepest root-causes of their fear, the programme also teaches them new behaviours to keep them safe without them having to feel frightened*.

With locations in Harley Street and Marylebone, London, the clinics are easy to find wherever you are coming from. And if you’d rather not come to London there is a nationwide network of PHOBIAMAN therapists, who have all been personally selected for their outstanding results with phobia treatment.

To speak with one of us about treatment options for your phobia, please call us on 0207 193 5194. If you are calling from outside the UK the international number is +44 207 193 5194.