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Over 10 Years on Paul Mckenna's Hand-Picked Training Team

YOU DON’T NEED US TO TELL YOU how difficult having a phobia can be.


Immediate Treatment

Emergency Appointments are available for Fear of Flying and Fear of Public Speaking... Read More

We are so used to being in control of our lives and doing whatever we want to do, but when a phobia stops us doing the things we see other people enjoying, or going to places we would like to visit with people we love, frustration is often added to the fear.

And when people who have never experienced a phobia try to reassure us that there is nothing to be frightened of, the frustration and upset often gets worse.

Here at our phobia treatment clinic, we know that this sort of logic doesn’t work. More importantly, we know exactly what DOES work because our therapists have helped over 8000 people overcome their phobias.*

You can read some of their stories right here on this site.

Welcome to The PHOBIAMAN Clinic – Harley Street’s Leading Phobia Treatment Clinic

Paul Mckenna Testimonial for The Phobiaman Phobia Treatment Clinic

I’m Alex, a phobia treatment specialist and veteran member of Paul Mckenna’s team of trainers.

When I first joined Paul’s team I quickly developed a talent for phobia work and people started calling me the ‘phobiaman’.

The name stuck and a few months later I started the PHOBIAMAN Clinic. The reputation quickly became established and Doctors began to refer patients to me.

Within a few months I had a 7-week waiting list, so I invited other outstanding phobia therapists to join the PHOBIAMAN team.

Together, we have developed a highly effective system for treating phobias. It’s an approach based on NLP, eriksonian hypnosis, psychology and neuroscience, all combined with the most important ingredient of all – decades of experience.

In fact, our programme is so effective, the majority of people notice a difference right from the very first session (some patients even report feeling different within the first 30 minutes).*

And because our treatment is designed to collapse your phobia at a neurological level, there is no nasty exposure therapy (facing the fear to beat the fear) with our programme.

You can read more about the common phobia hypnotherapy treatments we provide here: Fear of Driving Hypnotherapy Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy for fear of heights, Public speaking Hypnotherapy and Emetophobia Hypnotherapy. We even work with people on a group basis with our London fear of flying courses.

Can This World-Class Phobia Hypnotherapy Really Work for Me?

However, our treatment is no miracle cure and we can’t say what may be possible for you until we know more about your phobia and your circumstances.

But we can tell you our therapists have treated over 14000 people and almost every type of phobia you can imagine.

Whether you can remember how you got your phobia or not, whether you’ve had it all your life or it’s something more recent, whether it’s an inherited ‘family fear’ or even if it just seemed to come out of nowhere, we have helped other people just like you.

We have even worked with the more difficult phobias and traumas that other clinics and therapists avoid.

And if you have tried other therapists, clinics or even group courses, our approach is totally unique and there is still a good chance we can help you just like others we have already helped.*

If you would like to find out if our phobia hypnotherapy treatments could help you, you’ll need a telephone consultation with one of our specialists.

In fact, we don’t take anyone on as a new patient without this because we think it’s right to only work with people we genuinely believe we can help.

The consultation is free and it allows us to find out more about your unique situation so we can give you a realistic assessment of what may be possible for you.

To arrange your consultation, please call us on 0207 193 5194. If you are calling from outside the UK the international number is +44 207 193 5194.