Emetophobia Hypnotherapy – Finding the Best Emetophobia Treatment for You

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Over 10 Years on Paul Mckenna's Hand-Picked Training Team

IF YOU’RE CONSIDERING EMETOPHOBIA HYPNOTHERAPY you’ve probably already tried other types of emetophobia treatment and therapies. Most people who have tried other forms of therapy find that the ‘techniques’ they give you to ‘cope’ just don’t work.


Immediate Treatment

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Here at the Phobiaman Clinic, we don’t believe coping techniques are the answer. Instead, we like to change the unconscious patterns that formed your phobia in the first place.

Welcome to the PHOBIAMAN Clinic – Harley Street’s Leading Emetophobia Hypnotherapy Treatment Centre

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My name is Alex and I’m the Treatment Director here at The Phobiaman Clinic. I’m a veteran member of Paul Mckenna’s training team and I’m a phobia treatment specialist. I’ve been working in the field of phobia treatment for over 20 years now. Together, with my team, we have developed the most effective phobia treatment programme available anywhere today.

Most therapists, including most hypnotherapists, do not specialise. This means they don’t have anywhere near the same level of experience as we do when it comes to phobias.

With simple phobias that’s not necessarily such a big deal. But for more complex phobias – like emetophobia – it really matters. And it matters because emetophobia is far more complicated in nature than other phobias, and it rarely responds to the standard phobia interventions that general clinics and therapists rely on.

Is Hypnotherapy for Emetophobia really a Cure?

If you’ve ever tried to change an unconcious behaviour you’ll know how difficult this can be.

Hypnotherapy for emetophobia makes changing this  unconscious behaviour easier because it by-passes the conscious mind, and this is why it’s so effective.

The unconcious mind has generated the behaviour of emetophobia because it believes (wrongly) that there is a threat to you. It’s not doing it to create a problem for you. It’s doing it to protect you.

Emetophobia Hypnotherapy gently works with the unconscious to help it realise that there is no threat, and therefore a different behaviour would be more effective. We validate the fear response and ask the unconscious to only use fear when its appropriate – but not around the things that usually trigger the emetophobia.

How can Emetophobia Hypnotherapy Help?

Emetophobia also affects people more than most other phobias do. So it’s more important than ever that it’s treated effectively.

This is simply because the objects of other phobias are more easily avoided. For example, someone with a fear of flying can just avoid flying.


But if you have emetophobia, the list of things you have to avoid is far longer, and often includes flying. But it’s not the flying itself that terrifies you, is it? It’s the thought of people being sick. The ‘what ifs’? And that can happen in many more places and contexts than just flying.

In fact, if you have emetophobia, almost any environment outside your home can seem terrifying to you. This might include boats, trains and buses – and cars, too.

And it’s not just transport, either. The list is massive: hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, pubs, nightclubs, parties, schools – or anywhere there might be children, in fact. It even stops some people having a family.

The list just goes on and on. And that’s just worrying about other people.

When it comes to you it’s a whole different level. What if you eat something? Well you can forget dinner parties, restaurants, weddings and other formal events.

You might be affected by only some of these things, but it’s still a far longer list of things to avoid than most people with a phobia have to worry about.

But there is good news too:Emetophobia-Hypnotherapy-father-with-child

The good news is that people with emetophobia are more likely to seek treatment for emetophobia for the same reason.

With any phobia people only seek treatment for one of 2 reasons. Either the fear is getting worse, or something has changed that means they can no longer avoid the thing that terrifies them.

Emetophobia Hypnotherapy for Children

The Child Mind Institute states that it is especially important that children with emetophobia are treated as early as possible. This is because the high anxiety levels caused by emetophobia can interrupt  areas of childhood development such as acedemic and social. It can also lead to other obsessive behaviours. Children must be accompanied by an adult throughout the treatment. At the Phobiaman Clinic, about 35% of the patients we treat for emetophobia are children.

Is Emetophobia Hypnosis the Best Therapy for Emetophobia?

Emetophobia – like all phobias – is a pattern where you experience something that is NOT a threat as if it were a life threatening event. For any therapy to work this pattern must be changed.

Emetophobia Hypnosis Friends Enjoying FoodAt the Phobiaman Clinic we have developed specialised methods that work with the part of your unconscious mind that generates this pattern. Our methods are completely unique and they are based Eriksonian Hypnotherapy, NLP and Timeframing Therapy.

But the most important important ingredient of all is our decades of experience.

Hypnotherapy for Emetophobia Near me

Whilst there are Phobiaman Therapists in other parts of the UK, we prefer patients to come to our Harley Street Clinic for emetophobia hypnotherapy. Emetophobia is more complex than most other phobias and its treatment should left to our most experienced therapists.

Can Hypnotherapy Help My Emetophobia?

If you would like to find out if our treatment program is going to be right for you, the first step is to call the PHOBIAMAN clinic on 0207 193 5194. Call and speak with one of our friendly therapists and we’ll see if we can help. Just call 0207 193 5194 and speak with a specialist today.

If you are calling from overseas, the number including the international dialing code is +44 207 193 5194