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Over 10 Years on Paul Mckenna's Hand-Picked Training Team

IF YOU HAVE A FEAR OF FLYING you probably already know that ‘facing the fear’ just doesn’t work.


Immediate Treatment

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Thousands of people fly several times a month despite having a fear of flying because they have to, and yet the fear remains.

And learning how aeroplanes fly isn’t the answer, either. It may do the trick for people who are slightly nervous. But it won’t help you if you experience intense fear or panic attacks when you think about flying.

If you’ve wasted thousands of pounds on flights that you then refused to board, or ruined the last days of a holiday dreading the flight home, you don’t need a physics lesson.

What you need is a phobia specialist…

Welcome to The PHOBIAMAN Clinic – Harley Street’s Leading Specialists in Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy

I’m Alex, Clinical Director here at The PHOBIAMAN Clinic and veteran member of Paul Mckenna’s Training Team. In the last 20 years I have put together the best team of phobia treatment specialists anywhere.

Paul Mckenna Phobiaman Testimonial - Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy

Together, we have created a unique fear of flying hypnotherapy programme for the treatment of flying anxiety. What makes it unique?

It’s unique because it’s designed to remove your fear without you having to face it. In fact, our programme is so effective we may be able to help you get over your fear of flying in just a few sessions.

That may sound like a wild claim right now, but when you stop to consider that we have already helped over 15,000 others*, hopefully it begins to sound a bit more real.

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying – Real Results

So, how does our fear of flying treatment get results like this when so many other therapists and clinics fail? The answer is simple. Here at The PHOBIAMAN Clinic, we specialise in treating phobias. This means we understand them better than other therapists – especially therapists who try and treat everything.

Being specialists means we get to work with more phobias, and this has allowed us to notice conscious as well as unconscious patterns within the different types of phobias.

Phobias are NOT all the same. They are not all ‘learned behaviours’ (despite what you might read elsewhere), and this is why they don’t always respond to the common out-of-the-box therapy techniques that other clinics and therapists rely upon. They are just not effective in many cases.

Happy couple on beach with child after successful fear of flying hypnotherapy treatmentFortunately, therapists are NOT all the same either. We have developed our own methods that have been shown to work repeatedly for thousands of patients just like you.

You won’t find these methods anywhere else and this is just one reason why our success rates are higher. But our training and experience help too.

Specialists in Fear of Flying Hypnosis

As well as phobia specialists, we are also world-class masters of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Eriksonian Hypnosis. It’s a claim we can back up easily too.

Having spent decades on Paul Mckenna’s training team, we’ve helped Paul and Dr Richard Bandler – the man who thought it all up – deliver thousands of hours of training. These are the largest NLP and Hypnosis training courses in the world, delivered to hundreds of thousands of people.

This means we have more experience than anyone, and we deliver the most thorough and effective fear of flying hypnotherapy programme available anywhere today. So, if you’re serious about getting over your fear of flying you’ve found the right place to begin.

Fear of flying hypnosis - woman on aeroplane

And it doesn’t matter what aspect of flying you find frightening, either. Whether it’s takeoff, turbulence, fear of heights, crew competence, terrorism, lack of control or feeling trapped, or just feeling the plane is going to fall out of the sky, (even though you know logically that it’s not). We’ve worked with people with all of these fears and more.

If you would like to find out if our treatment is going to be right for you, the first step is to call The PHOBIAMAN Clinic. You can speak with one of our friendly therapists and see if we can help. We often have a waiting list of several weeks so please call as soon as you can so we can make sure we can get you treated in time.

Just call our team on 0207 193 5194 and we will answer your questions and explain what may be possible for you. If you are calling from outside the UK the international number is +44 207 193 5194.

Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy Testimonials

Arnon Ho – London

fear of flying testimonial image - arnon

I just want to say a huge thank you for helping me getting over the fear of flying. It had been a long journey and you made it so easy for me to realise, how enjoyable flying can be.

Once again many thanks.

Justine Parker – Somerset

Hi Alex
I hope my email finds you well? I just wanted to let you know that I recently managed to take 2 flights. One to Ireland (October) and Amsterdam (November). I was a bit trepidatious but managed to keep away from the bar 😬

I sat in the window, plugged into my noise reduction headphones and actually smiled as we took off….
Even with a significant amount of turbulence (Irish weather) I remained calm and in my opinion somewhat detached from the experience.

I am now planning a trip to New York, so apart from the abject boredom of a long haul flight, I’m feeling pretty ok.

Thank you 🙏
Merry Christmas Alex

Martin Church – Bedford

Morning Alex,

Long time no speak. Just to let you know since we met I have been on 5 flights and have another two booked for early September, and I am looking forward to booking some more.

Something clicked somewhere and now I see it as my preferred mode of transport.

Best wishes, Martin Church

Just call our team on 0207 193 5194 and we will answer your questions and explain what may be possible for you. If you are calling from outside the UK the international number is +44 207 193 5194.

Fear of Flying Treatment FAQ

Do you offer Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy Near Me?

Our reputation is global and people travel from all over the world to access our treatment. So we have based ourselves in London for easy accessibility for all. The clinic is easily reachable from all London Rail Terminals.

Do you Offer Hypnosis for Fear of Flying for Children?

Most definately! In fact, children often respond faster to the treatment than adults. We have successfully treated children as young as 8 years old and all ages above. All children must be accompanied by a parent throughout the treatment.

I’ve had Fear of Flying Therapy before and it didn’t work. What makes you different?

Around 50% of our patients have tried other therapists before they come to us. Unfortunately, they found the results didn’t live up to the claims made by these other providers.

Without knowing who you saw it’s difficult to say why it didn’t work. But the most common reason we find is the therapist wasn’t a phobia specialist.

There are therapists who claim to specialise in phobias when they clearly don’t. A quick click around their websites usually reveals treatments for dozens of other issues like smoking, addictions, weightloss, etc. Sometimes, they even claim to specialise in those other fields too.

Here at The Phobiaman Clinic, we only treat phobias and nothing else, and this is what makes us different.

Other common reasons for a poor outcome are:

  • trying to complete the full treatment in a single session
  • trying to treat people online
  • insufficient experience

Any of these factors will reduce the likelyhood of a successful result.

Just call our team on 0207 193 5194 and we will answer your questions and explain what may be possible for you. If you are calling from outside the UK the international number is +44 207 193 5194.