Swore I’d NEVER fly again…

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Catherine Lumb

I think the word “feral” on your website is very apt! I’d sworn I would NEVER fly again 5 years ago and when I called you I think you could hear how panicky I was knowing I’d booked a flight! The mad panic I used to feel changed me into something unrecognisable.


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Not only did the immediate panic subside, but I even found myself looking forward to the flight, as I would a rail journey. This is all way beyond what I would have expected when I called you.


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The friends who were waiting for me to join them on the skiing trip told me they didn’t actually expect me to get on the plane, as they know I have previously cancelled flights despite losing money. They said they were proud of me, which was lovely, but I didn’t feel particularly proud of myself as I hadn’t felt scared so I hadn’t been brave!

I would say to anyone reading my testimonial, for goodness sake, pick up the phone! Its priceless.

Catherine Lumb – North Yorkshire, UK Fear of Flying

catherine-l testimonial image

Swore I’d NEVER fly again…

Catherine Lumb


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