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Living a Fuller Life

I’d had a couple of sessions to help with my fear of heights from a ‘cheap deal’ I found on the Web around 3 years ago. It didn’t help me at all.

I found Alex and The PHOBIAMAN Clinic after researching different providers, and we had a chat on the phone first. I told him I was sceptical after 49 years of phobia, and after my previous poor experience.

He talked about his approach and another bonus was the sound of his voice; it felt like a voice I could listen to and concentrate on making progress. Before I finished the programme I was able to visit the Shard with Alex and sit by the window on the 31st Floor, and visit New York with my wife to stand on top of the Rockefeller Centre (853’ up, with a glass wall around it) I then went to Kuala Lumpur a few months later and went up the KL Tower (906’) and the Petronas Towers (1,202’)

And I’ve done a few other things I previously found impossible. Such as riding my motorbike on 2,000’ passes in the Lake District.

The sessions have changed my perspective on heights, and I understand a lot more on how to recognise and exercise control of my feelings. I would not have come this far without Alex’s support and patience and I am living a fuller life’

Brian Benson – Hampshire, UK
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You Made it so Easy

I just want to say a huge thank you for helping me getting over the fear of flying. It had been a long journey and you made it so easy for me to realise, how enjoyable flying can be.
Once again many thanks.

Arnon Ho – London, UK
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I Have Never Felt so Confident.

Thank you so much for the therapy session in December! I have since been on a short flight and I have never felt so confident! I’m sorry to say that it was so good that I don’t think i’ll be needing that follow-up appointment.

Abigail Keane – Norfolk UK
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Feel Better, Look Better, Better Relationships and More Energy

Within minutes Alex was able to tell me what he would be able to do to help and change how my thought patterns that were causing my insomnia and my fears. I have seen Alex for number of different situations that I wanted to change in my life. What strikes you about Alex is how friendly he is, whilst being very professional and down to earth at the same time. I originally went to Alex to get some help with my insomnia. As soon as I met Alex he established a very comfortable and trusting environment where I felt at ease explaining to him what the situation was.

What strikes me every time is his ability to identify the crux of the problem immediately and know exactly what tools to work with specifically for that problem at that exact moment that will give me lasting results. Every treatment is tailored to your individual needs exactly at that moment, this give you the best treatment possible.

The impact on my life has been tremendous, I am sleeping much better and this allows me to feel better, look better and have better relationships with my friends and family because I’m not so grumpy!

I’m taking better care of myself because I have more energy and going out walking, jogging and cycling regularly.

I felt fantastic immediately after seeing him and the effects have carried on since. It has impacted other areas in my life by giving me an underlying confidence in myself that I didn’t feel before. All in all, my life feels so much better and fuller due to seeing Alex and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Rachel Bird – London, UK
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Fast and Lasting Results

Alex is one of the few on my ‘Go-To’ list, when it comes to recommending a great therapist.

His skill and thoroughness are just two of the qualities that get him the fast and lasting results people want.

John La Valle – President of The Society of NLP and co-author of Persuasion Engineering® with Dr. Richard Bandler.
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“Thanks for making my life easier”

Hi Alex

Thank you so much for your mind re-programming help. I been finally able to avoid milk products, which I am allergic to, so my skin is better each week. What you did with my eating habits is awesome too. In the past I had not noticed how many times I ignored being hungry or when I was actually full and continued eating anyway.

You really helped on the internal communication with this, cool. Food taste 10 times better and texture of food is more intense. I still have not figured out how you managed to do that. I’m impressed. Chewing the food is more exiting now, I don’t really wanna swallow before I am sure each piece has been fully tasted and experienced, and this comes very unconsciously. Less than 2 months from our session and I have gone down 7.6kilos.

During this period I had very stressful things happening in my life. My sick mum had weeks of “life and death” struggling. In the past with similar weeks I had noticed weeks later that my own health was going down with the stress and my healthy life style went out of window. Even keeping the weight in the same level was impossible.

Despite the daily emergencies, this time I have been able to care of my mum and myself, loose weight, read 3 books on health, renovate our shop (walls, floors etc., big changes) and run a business. Yeah… things are better this way. I been thinking of few other things to “fix” in me… so, see you in a month.

Thanks for making my life a bit easier.

Rina Arling – Bergan, Norway.
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I highly recommend Alex

I highly recommend Alex. He is continually updating his training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and is licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Dr Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP
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My Husband Hates You!

My husband hates you since you got rid of my fear of flying by the way, because now when the kids go, “Can we go to Florida?” And I go, “Yeah, I’ll quite happily go to Florida…” That’s excuse number one out of the window.

Before, I wouldn’t even talk about flying. Just the mere concept of flying was more than I could deal with. I couldn’t even think about it. But now if somebody said to me, you’ve won a weekend in Paris, go to Heathrow and get on the plane I’d be there without thinking about it.

Where as before, if the kids wanted to enter a competition for a holiday, if it was a flying holiday I wouldn’t even do it because I knew I wouldn’t even get on the plane.

I would say it’s also given me loads of confidence to deal with anything that feels even vaguely challenging.

Something else I have been able to do quite happily, is go in a glass lift. That’s something I wouldn’t have been able to do before. I would stand as near as I could to the door so I wasn’t looking out of the window. Now, I can quite happily stand and look down with no problem at all.

Cheryl Parish – Hampshire, UK
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8-year Mystery Anxiety-Vomiting Cured in One Session

My drink was spiked 8 years ago and for the next week I was constantly sick. I didn’t think that much about it – I was quite young at the time and I put it down to just a bad experience. Then about 6 months later just all of a sudden I got these vomiting attacks. I’d constantly be sick for 3 or 4 days and have to go to hospital. These attacks got a lot more frequent and it got to the point where it was every other month for about 2 years.

I went through the NHS for 5 years with this, admitted to hospital at least 30 times. Every time I got the same thing. They just didn’t know what it was, even when I saw a stomach specialist.

They tested me for everything – they’d never seen anything like it before. All they could do was to try to stop the vomiting and the pain that went with it. It was getting worse as time went on. The only speculative diagnosis I was ever given was that it might be a stomach migraine.

The only thing that reduced it was morphine. It would give me the chance to rest and get some sleep, but a couple of days later it would start again as soon as the morphine wore off.

It was affecting my entire life because I was having a week, sometimes two weeks, off work with every attack. I missed out on various promotions because of it.

It affected me socially because the attacks happened around big social events. I went to America to see family and spent a week in hospital; I missed my best friend’s 30th birthday and countless christenings and weddings.

It basically put my life on hold for a good 5 years, just constantly worrying about when it was next going to happen. It was like a waiting game, absolutely horrible.

It was also triggered by stress. The month before I saw you I’d been in the process of buying a house with my partner, and with all the stress I had the worst attack I’d ever had and it lasted a full week, constantly being sick.

At this point I thought I’ve just got to try something different and that’s when I rang your clinic. That first session with you was the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced.

I was standing there listening to everything you said and it felt like the feeling had been removed from my stomach completely. It was absolutely amazing after 8 years of hell to have this feeling go within an hour or so.

When I saw you I’d been on a diet for two years that was recommended by a microbiologist. But as soon as I left that first session with you I immediately knew that I could eat whatever I wanted without having to worry about getting ill again.

Thanks for all your help – it’s totally priceless!

Dan Ford – Northampton, UK
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Fear Gone Completely in First Session

I don’t know what you did but it worked!”

Hey, Alex! My fear of what other people think has gone completely, and I’m able to be the “Spontaneous Me” at last.

I’m confident and sure of myself for the first time in my life, and I don’t need other people’s approval.

Now that I’m strong and calm, other people are offering me the support I’ve always wanted and the bullies are shrinking away.

I am deeply grateful – thank you very much! Fiona

Fiona Felder – Geneva Switzerland Fear of Other People