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That sensation, that Fear of Falling

During my life I have had awareness that I did not like heights, this has become more and more inhabiting as I found myself subconsciously avoiding situations that would leave me open to these sensations of being pulled over or weightiness of drifting over the side.

After having a session with Alex I experienced calmness. Immediately on leaving our session I noticed on walking down fairly steep stairs I was walking down the middle not hanging on to the banister and watching each step.

The next day I walked with ease onto a balcony three floors up, there was no anxiety either on travelling down a very step escalator, the anxiety of heights had gone.

Before, I would make sure I was at the side holding on tightly. But that sensation – that fear of falling wasn’t there!

Karen Macphee – Surrey, UK Fear Of Heights
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Swore I’d NEVER fly again…

I think the word “feral” on your website is very apt! I’d sworn I would NEVER fly again 5 years ago and when I called you I think you could hear how panicky I was knowing I’d booked a flight! The mad panic I used to feel changed me into something unrecognisable.

Not only did the immediate panic subside, but I even found myself looking forward to the flight, as I would a rail journey. This is all way beyond what I would have expected when I called you.

The friends who were waiting for me to join them on the skiing trip told me they didn’t actually expect me to get on the plane, as they know I have previously cancelled flights despite losing money. They said they were proud of me, which was lovely, but I didn’t feel particularly proud of myself as I hadn’t felt scared so I hadn’t been brave!

I would say to anyone reading my testimonial, for goodness sake, pick up the phone! Its priceless.

Catherine Lumb – North Yorkshire, UK Fear of Flying